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Zoom New Nova costume?

New Nova costume?


12.19.11 12
Purchased Arkham City for 20$
11.28.11 1
Non-Scrubby UMvC3 Alternate origins:


Akuma: Cyber Akuma

Amaterasu: John Talbain

Arthur: Zombie

Chris: STARS

Chun-Li: Street Fighter Alpha

Crimson Viper: Patriot (Officially Super Spy)

Dante: Sparda

Felicia: Yellow Iris

Firebrand: Red Arremer King

Frank West: Megaman

Haggar: Saturday Night Slam Masters

Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei: Lin-Lin/Mei-Ling

Jill: Resident Evil 3

Morrigan: Win pose casual outfit

Nemesis: Battle Damage

Phoenix Wright: Young Phoenix Wright

Ryu: Street Fighter 1

Spencer: Nathan Spencer

Strider Hiryu: 90s Strider

Trish: Gloria

Tron: Servbot

Vergil: Corrupted Vergil

Viewtiful Joe: Casual

Wesker: STARS

Zero: Megaman X

11.19.11 0
Non-Scrubby UMvC3 Alternate origins:


Captain America: Steve Rogers agent of SHIELD

Deadpool: Cablepool

Dormammu: Classic costume

Doctor Doom: Doomwar

Doctor Strange: Dr. Stephen Sanders

Ghost Rider: 2099

Hawkeye: Ronin

Hulk: World War Hulk / Green Scar

Iron Fist: Ultimate Iron Fist

Iron Man: Iron Patriot

Magneto: House of M

MODOK: Elvis/Nextwave

Nova: Classic (Officially TBA)

Phoenix: Jean Grey

Rocket Raccoon: 1985

Sentinel: Classic

She-Hulk: Jennifer Walters/Lawyer

Shuma Gorath: Quoggoth

Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider

Storm: 80s Uncanny X-men

Super Skrull: Annihilation

Taskmaster: UDON

Thor: Classic

Wolverine: Weapon X

X-23: X-Men: Evolution

11.19.11 0

Okay, before I say anything else I will say I enjoyed Maximilian videos until this one:

This has got to be the most lazy video I’ve ever seen. Does he not even bother researching or googling anything before he releases an informative video?

In his previous video he said Hawkeye and Strange were new school characters and that was my first flag telling me he didn’t know shit about comics.
And then he tried to defend himself saying he only reads X-Men comics.


11.19.11 0

I’d like to turn your attention to F.Champ vs Mine (1:11:11)

Some commentators don’t look at the whole picture in MvC3. Mine starts running and blocking from Champ’s Phoenix when Mine only had 2 meters and the commentators were like “stop running it’s not going to work” in reality Mine was actually blocking because blocking attacks gives you meter and if he turned Phoenix with only 2 gauges DP would run through all three of his characters before his Phoenix dies with 5. It’s the little things.


11.01.11 5
2dbasedgod @ Canada Cup 2011

November 5-6th I will be attending Canada Cup 2011 Fighting Game tournament.

This week will be a busy one in preparation for that.

  • Tonight will be a Basedment stream.
  • Wednesday I will be streaming Tubby Fights at Tubby Dogs with (hopefully) special guests Marn, Neo and more.

Follow @2dbasedgod and subscribe to for more up-to date news.

Hope to see you there.


10.29.11 1
Zoom team ayfRochefort: She-Hulk/Taskmaster/Akuma

team ayfRochefort: She-Hulk/Taskmaster/Akuma

10.25.11 16
Calgary 12v12 aftermath: Team Jozhear def. Team Riceta 12-8

Mainly based on Daniel’s impressive Gen play, racking up six wins for the team.

For a first stream, it went pretty well. Unfortunately there were massive Audio issues due to the sensitivity of the mics and the loud, loud environment of Tubby Dogs. Hopefully I’ll resolve these issues next time. Afterall we  gotta start somewhere.

Thanks everyone that tuned in.


10.20.11 0

Is it wrong if I’m a little turned on?


10.12.11 0
Zoom Finished painting and rewiring my TE stick. Now to shelf it for a week so it becomes chip resistant.
Next step: Purple buttons

Finished painting and rewiring my TE stick. Now to shelf it for a week so it becomes chip resistant.

Next step: Purple buttons


10.05.11 2

Based Jaha swag swag


10.04.11 4

Theme song for a little project I’m cooking up. Stay tuned.


10.03.11 0
Bloody Roar is not in production, it's a fake twitter troll pretending to be official.

Asked by grag

mother fu-ayf

10.03.11 1
Meta Knight officially banned from SSBB tournaments.

Too little, too late IMO.

On the bright side, though, that gives room for lower tier characters to shine.

Like Lucario and Squirtle.

 Fuck yeah Lucario and Squirtle.

10.01.11 1